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A Sensual Chronicale

22 December 1979
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I'm a 27 year-old college graduate. I live in Borlando (not a typo, and take note of the capital "B") Florida, where I try to produce as many short films as I can while I have access to the materials to do so. Aside from that I've also decided to dive into the exciting world of comic writing. I think I may go back to the old formula: Rum & Coke write/write/write. Despite the excessive consumption of these beverages I still write surprisingly coherent (even more so than when I'm sober).

And on a parting note: I keep a condom in my pocket just in case Hell freezes over. Thank you I'll be here all week, try the Grilled Cuban sandwich.

UPDATE: It's been four months, and I still got that condom. (Hacha chachacha chacha)!!!

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