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My take on the whole Watchmen Fox/WB war. - Reimmanuelle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My take on the whole Watchmen Fox/WB war. [Dec. 30th, 2008|10:16 am]
I'm amazed at Fox's smart-yet-scumbagish maneuver to let Warner Bros. finish The Watchmen movie; only to remind WB afterwards that Fox still had some stake to claim on the Watchmen. I've looked on the message boards and read a lot of fanboy outcries against Fox. Sadly most fanboys are ignorant so they don't understand what really happens. So many of them bitch about Fox being the Devil for this, but the truth is the WB fucked up. Someone fell asleep in Legal and Fox is taking advantage. Everybody is at fault. Fox is looking out for their interest and the WB missed a loophole allowing this all to happen.  Everybody is an asshole in this eqaution.

This was all an obviously cold and calculated move on Fox's behalf. They could have filed an injunction before WB rolled a single frame of film, but they didn't because they realized they could use legaleze to horn in on WB's profit margin. The Watchmen could be the next Dark Knight. That being said Fox let WB do what they do best, make a fucking movie. Now Fox has a stake on the profits and someone else did all the work. Brilliant (albeit scumbagish)!!!!!!!

The current news is that Fox is trying to delay The Watchmen. Another smart move for a couple reasons. First one is that by delaying The Watchmen they are generating fan hunger and suspense which will cause a furvor when the movie gets released. More people will see it, more people will see it multiple times and there will be a higher opening weekend gross for Fox  to take their percentage from. Second, They can place the release date further behind X-Men Origins: Wolverine therefore making it less of a dissappointment than Watchmen in comparisan. Nothing against Wolvie's movie because it looks awesome to me, but it will probably be the same contrast as Iron Man and The Dark Knight in 08. Two great movies that are like apples and oranges. Third, this also involves Wolverine's movie, Fox has the ability to place these movie far enough apart from eachother there will be virtually no competition between the two. Fox found a way to force a non-compete clause on WB.

The bottom line in all this is we'll get to see the Watchmen. Unfortunately, it'll be on Fox's terms and probably somewhere around August. Placing a wider gap between it and Fox's big draw of the Summer: Wolverine. We'll see it though.